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Flatirons Rush Soccer Club

New Beginnings


Fall 2022

The New Beginnings program is catered to children ages 3-4 years old and is a unique opportunity to introduce your child to soccer. It is a eight-week program which runs a practice once a week. New Beginnings will give your child a great start to this lifetime sport by engaging motor skills, ball skills, and concepts of small sided games. Sessions are led by Rush Coaching Staff and volunteers, lasting for 50 minutes. The emphasis is very firmly on FUN! We feel that kids will be more comfortable and develop faster in this type of environment.

Program Details

Preschool & Toddler

- 8 week season

- One 50 min. session per week 

-Wednesday Evenings 5:30pm  

-Practices will be located at Three Creeks k-8 School in Candelas

-Starts Aug 31, 2022

-Cost $95

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my child is ready?
A: Its hard to have set criteria to determine if your child is ready. If they are ready for pre-school then they will be ready for this clinic. If they can run and laugh, then they are ready.

Q: What will we do in this program?
A: The program is set up for you to work one on one with your child. It is a fun learning environment. There will be a series of games and exercises which are not long in duration. This is due to players' short attention span at young ages. Each session will be based on a soccer 'adventure'.

Q: Will there be teams and games?
A: There are no set teams, but players will be separated by age group (and when needed, ability). The Rush staff will introduce some scrimmages. They will play 3 against 3 with the emphasis on each player having FUN within the training session.

Q: What are the main topics the program will cover?
A: First and foremost, the focus is on having fun with developing passion for the game and excitement for sport. Within the positive psychology we will focus on individuals with a ball at their feet focusing mainly on dribbling, dribbling and more dribbling. We also emphasize the excitement of scoring goals and the concept behind that. First touch and passing topics will also be covered.


Recreational Registration Fees

Preschool & Toddler: $95/season 

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